Visiting Mistress Scarlet Graves & Nottingham 21st – 23rd August 2020

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Now that we are almost back to normality and are able to move around now I will be visiting Nottingham and my bosom buddy Mistress Scarlet Graves in the second half of this month. 

We are a formidable force to be reckoned with, intimidating in style and stature and with styles that blend perfectly together. For boys who enjoy humiliation and the more fun and inventive style of Domination then we are the pair for you. Dark, sadistic, tattooed and pierced hell bitches sent to ruin your lives…

We will be offering you hardsports lovers the chance for double and single hardsports sessions during the visit, usual rules apply with booking in good time and giving any allergies you have that we need to know. Being a lover of scat sessions I’m eager to see what the toilets of the East Midlands have to offer as I have had sessions in the West and have high hopes you will exceed your neighbours.

Solo sessions with just myself are also available but be aware that medical based play will not be available as I am travelling with essentials. And as always deposits will be required. No deposit – No session.

Session Prices


1hr – £200

2hrs – £400

3hrs – £600

1hr Hardsports – £300

2hr Hardsports – £500


1hr – £150

2hr – £300

3hr – £400

1hr Hardsports – £200

2hr Hardsports – £350