About Me

What can I say about little old me?

I think Urban Dictionary says it best when they define my favourite phrase:

All fur coat and no knickers

Phrase to describe a showy and seemingly elegant woman who in reality is vulgar and sexually immoral.

I have always been different, I have always been outspoken and I have always not given a flying fuck. I grew up standing out in my mixed race family, on gay rights marches as a child and with my own personal style influenced from punk/goth/metal to runway high fashion. Growing up in a home filled with uniforms, equestrian tools and eclectic vintage furniture I was taught to think outside the box and it has served me well. Being a real Londoner born and raised but with the added character of a public school education has really imbued me with something special that you wont have had before, I am charming yet harsh and it will make for a very interesting session which will confuse and disarm you. The phrase and the description may read as slightly at odds but trust me if you know me I have this way about me that makes people think I’m lovely…until I’m not.

I am not your conventional Dominatrix, I am not the cookie cutter stereotype. I can be a cunt and I can be kind, I can push you to your limit and I can drop you into an ocean of ecstasy. You might see me dressed in a cut up Motorhead t-shirt and ripped fishnets but you might also see me in a severe high neck blouse pencil skirt and fully fashioned stockings. I enjoy a full spectrum of different tastes and kinks and I will make you broaden your horizons. No two sessions with me are the same, repetition is the killer of creativity and I like to get very creative when I session.