I am lucky enough to have some amazing Femdom friends who I offer sessions with:

Lady Andromeda

I am as sadistic as I am sexy. A tall and imposing black Queen sent to tease and punish you to the edge and back again. I will turn your craving for me into desperation, then enjoy punishing you for my pleasure and amusement. I am an expert at controlling men and you will be my puppet on a string. Do not mistake this beautiful face and kind smile for leniency, I have an acid tongue that will cut you down to size and keep you where you belong…under my boot.

Mistress Courtney

My piercing, green eyes will capture your soul from the minute you enter My world. I am the ultimate, cruel, man-eating seductress and as a petite 5’1″ blonde I’m like a pocket rocket: small enough to fit in your pocket and hot enough to make you go off like a rocket. In all seriousness, I take great pride in my appearance: perfect hair, manicured nails, elegant make-up and the perfect outfit to make you fall instantly to my feet. I am well traveled and have no distinct accent although I am known among certain people as ‘posh’. I love mixing an elegant approach with a bit of filth!