The wonderful Madam Cruella has added scrotal infusion with saline solution to Her already extensive BDSM repertoire .. that is, She fills your ball-sac with a sterile salt-based fluid .. i could hardly wait to try this out for the first time, to put a tender part of my anatomy under Her totally trustworthy control, and enjoy the perverted result.
After receiving the usual warm welcome into Her playspace, and stripping off, i lay back on a comfortable dungeon bench and Madam explained the procedure in a highly competent and reassuring way. She hooked up a 500ml. bottle of medical grade saline solution to the necessary tubing and it was just a small sharp needle prick that inserted the tip of the equipment into my scrotum (just into the skin, no impact on, or proximity to, the actual testicles). Small pieces of tape kept all the tubing in position, so we both had our hands free for other purposes later. It was just a matter of keeping fairly still on the bench and enjoying the long slow progress of the solution into the scrotum. Larger quantities than 500ml. can go in, and a second needle can be added, but as i am a beginner Madam was giving me a low/moderate infusion to see how i got on with it. Apart from the initial prick, there was no discernible sensation from the solution flowing in .. until after while I began to notice a pleasantly heavier- than- usual sensation in my scrotum. There were no uncomfortable feelings and i was able to maintain my erection (which had come on straightaway from the turn-on of the whole procedure) without difficulty.
So Madam was able to give my cock a good sounding with Her metal sounding rods while the infusion progressed – there was no problem with both activities going on together at the same time. I snorted some poppers and we moved on from sounding to an intense bit of nipple torture – Madam cleverly devised a way of cranking the chain connecting my nipple clamps from side to side across my chest – She called it “the Ratchet.” This was delightfully painful!
Madam made regular checks on the progress of the infusion as we played, and gradually the swelling was getting more noticeable. Soon the bottle of solution was soon fully drained and i was given permission to get up from the bench – only then did it really become apparent what a transformation had taken place. My scrotum had swelled to at least 5 or 6 times its usual size, maybe more. It looked as if my balls had become enormous (though in fact they were just floating in the infusion) and the whole enlarged sac felt heavy and compact. Later, at home, I had a lot of fun stroking it, and i found that my cock had also enlarged from the effect of the solution. It was at least twice its usual size when flaccid, and bigger still when erect. Overnight, all this swelling went down considerably as the solution was simply absorbed into the body with no side effects, and i was soon back to normal.
I heartily recommend a visit to Madam Cruella to experience this procedure, or indeed to experience any of the BDSM activities She specializes in. She is a wonderfully warm, clever, amusing and highly skilled Pro-Domme who is especially good at letting you get in contact with your inner pervert/slut/whore and allowing you to have a fantastic time.

Slave Rodge November 2021

Dear Madam Cruella

Thank you for what was a wonderful and exhilarating session. As it was our first time together, i did not know what to expect. From the moment you opened the door, i found myself captivated by those school mistress type eyes and those lushes plump red lips. I was quickly disarmed of any inhibitions by your wonderfully bubbly and forthright personality. For the session itself, i found myself quickly reaching my limit but craving more as you stretched my limits with your devilish charm. With that evil glint in your eye, a wonderful firm but sensual touch, and an intoxicating humour, you had me squirming for more and to stop at the same time. I will be definitely be begging for more after what i have to say was the most incredible session and look forward to seeing you again.

Yours sincerelly
Princess 😉

Slave G October 2021

i came across Madam Cruella via Twitter and was taken by Her pretty face and immediately clicked the “follow” button. i then proceeded to have a bit of a “perve” through her pictures and found one that was of her extremely beautiful soles covered in a thick layer of dirt! I have loved feet for as long as i can remember and, being submissive, dirty feet are my favourite. i love the humiliating feeling of using my taste buds to remove dirt and scum from the soles of the feet of a dominant Lady as it helps to reinforce my station in life. I contacted Madam Cruella and, to my delight, She said She was happy to accommodate a session involving Her gorgeous soles covered in dirt for my tasting pleasure! I arrived to find Madam Cruella in a stunning black dress that hugged her graceful, feminine curves beautifully and set my heart racing. Her eyes are a lovely shade of dark brown and very easy to fall under the spell of. When the session began, it was very much about the verbal side of things as She humiliated me with words and i submitted and thanked her for being so kind with her insults and put downs. Communication in session and the use of words to humiliate mean a lot to me so i was very glad that the session went this way! Madam Cruella started things off by having me follow Her around, on the floor, making noise like a snake and a pig. She then proceeded to have me kiss and lick her boots clean, including the soles. Next came the part i had been looking forward to and i wasn’t disappointed when Madam Cruella removed Her boots to reveal a thick layer of dirt on Her soles. She later informed me that she had walked barefoot to the session to pick up street dirt and i’m so grateful She did as it tasted and looked absolutely exquisite! At one point i was used as Her spittoon which was delicious although i probably wasn’t quite ready for it! The remainder of the session was spent with my face under her perfect soles and it was so relaxing and yet so exciting that i didn’t want the time to end! Suffice to say, i hope to see Her again.

Slave N, November 2016

Madam Cruella is without doubt one of the most imaginative and yet caring dominants I’ve been fortunate to meet and serve under.

She goes above and beyond what one might come to expect from a pro, in terms of being open to intelligent and creative dialogue in thinking through “the scene” but with safety and duty of care at forefront of her mind.

Unlike some dominants, Madam has an insatiable sense of humour which makes the entire scenario much more unique and enthralling. Assuming Carry in style funnies is your type of thing (it is mine).

Beyond all of that though, is a woman who deeply cares with a passion sometimes rarely seen within the pro scene. She’s a completely natural born domme who is absolutely committed to the lifestyle and genuine D/s and brings this to any scene you might be lucky enough to play out under her.

Physically mesmerising, her brain matches her brawn in every single capacity and her intuitive approach puts you at ease straight away from the first minute you meet her, to the final moment she rips off those heavy nipple clamps. All done with such a wicked glint in her eye, you’d never know you were submitting to something so wicked and devastatingly sadistic. And Madam truly can be sadistic- I’ve never had what she regarded as a “soft caning” like that ever before in my life.

If your idea of a session is with some robotic type woman who talks like those shit cliched cheap as chips femdom porn films you can find on YouTube, don’t even think of approaching Madam. But if you want a totally authentic, very real, very psychologically engaging dynamic with one of the smartest women on the block, with a wit and beauty to match, then humbly talk to Madam. Just remember once you get entangled with her, you might finally understand the true meaning of mesmerised total submission…

Slave A, October 2017

i just wanted to say thanks for earlier. I thoroughly enjoyed our session today, it was pleasure meeting you. Since it’s my first time doing this sort of thing I don’t have much feedback as I’ve nothing to compare it to. But considering it was my first time you made me very welcome, the talk we had at the beginning really helped calmed my nerves and even helped me understand my own fetish a little better. As for session itself I really enjoyed the build up (the footstool part) it made the worshipping part all the more special. I also like how you kept changing the positions which kept things fresh and interesting. I’ll definitely have to book another session with you when i get my next my student loan ?

Slave J, January 2018