Discounted Filmed Sessions With Madam Cruella

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During lockdown I had to change my Onlyfans from only showing clips from real time sessions to POV etc. I want to get back to uploading the sort of content I really love sharing. I will also be removing some and adding content too kinky for Onlyfans to my Loyalfans account for all the hardcore players. So this is an opportunity for some lucky boys who would like longer sessions or unable to afford the usual price with all of the cutbacks at the moment.

 I am offering sessions at 100ph (£150ph hardsports) if you agree to let me film parts of it for my subscription platforms. This is not like a filming day, it will be just us in session. You can wear a mask if the scene requires me to film all of you or I can  just record from the neck down if your head is surplus to requirements. You will HAVE to sign a model release and take a pic of you with your ID for me to keep on record(these are legal requirements for publishing content) but this information will be stored safely offline. You will also be given a months free subscription to whichever platform your content is uploaded so you can enjoy watching yourself again and again.

Now for the bit most of you will find difficult so PAY ATTENTION

I want you to copy and paste the following into the email application you send to me. I want only what I ask for, no essays, no endless “I just need to ask a few questions…” You fill out the form concisely, if you deviate I will delete your email because you cannot follow basic instructions. And be ready to pay your non-refundable £30 bank transfer deposit to secure your booking.

Email: with the following:

  • Name –

 (full legal name)

  • Mobile Number – 

(to confirm session on the day)

  • What do you identify as? –


  • Experience – 


  • Interests –

(Please only list the things you would like to do in session and not every single thing you enjoy) 

  • Hard Limits – 

(Things we CANNOT do)

  • Mask or Unmasked – 

(Will you need to be hooded? Do you need one provided?)

  • Medical History –

(And conditions, injuries, medications etc I need to know about)