A Return To Sessions…

So after a very long time in lockdown it is time to start taking sessions again. We have all missed our filth and are starting to go stir crazy but we need to keep our heads and approach sessions in a safe and sane way. I have seen a couple of regular boys the last couple of weeks to figure out new hygiene protocols for new customers that will keep us all as safe as we can be.

For obvious reasons until further notice fluid exchange will not be available (spit and watersports) so please do not ask as you will simply be refused a session at all.

Upon arrival you will be required to strip off at the dungeon entrance and then be sent to wash your hands(whether you are wearing gloves or not). I will then check your temperature with a covered digital thermometer, if your temperature is normal we can proceed but if not you will be sent home. Sessions that require close proximity (non foot worship sessions) will require masks. If you arrive without one I have plenty of disposables so one will be provided for you, refusal will end the session.

Furniture covered in leather will be wrapped in cling film and all other non porous surfaces are cleaned with pure alcohol and hospital grade products. 

There really is no reason we cannot enjoy our time together and keep ourselves healthy and safe. I look forward to playing with you soon.