Birthday Month Sale!

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It comes around quicker every year, and on the 12th September it will again be my birthday! And to celebrate for the entire month of September I will be offering my current favourite kinks at a reduced price, why you ask? Because I fucking can! It’s MY birthday and I’ll reduce if I want to. So here is a list of the fun things you can do with me for a killer discount through the month of this Professional Cunt’s birth month:

  • Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship £100ph (usually £130)
  • Strap-On/Fisting £150ph (usually £200)
  • Hardsports £200ph (usually £250)
  • Ballbusting/Trampling £150ph (usually £200)
  • CP 30mins £70 (usually £100)
  • CP 1hr £100ph (usually £130)

This offer applies exclusively to these activities, if you include other kinks then normal session prices apply. 100% payment upfront is required and paid by bank transfer unless based outside the UK where Amazon UK gift card will be accepted. 

If you are unable to book with me this month but still want to get me a little something there are gifts to fit literally every budget on my Amazon Wishlist. For all gifts £10 and over I will deduct a rounded down equal amount from your future session booking in October.