Shitsters Sale

Back by popular demand!

You have spoken, and we have listened. We enjoyed our hardsports sale so much and so did you filthy shit eating piglets of ours that we have decided to do it again. Whether you gobble it down hungrily or we have to torment you into swallowing our kaviar you will have the experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss your chance a second time…

So from 15th April – 20th May you have the chance to serve the infamous Shitsters as our toilet. Newbies and veterans are very welcome, and we love slaves, subs and fetishists equally.

Price List

1 hour – £300

90 mins – £400

2 hours – £500

All Day Toilet (6hours) – £750

(This does not include play, you are the toilet all day and locked away when not being used.)

We no longer use the deposit system for the sales. To book the sale session you will need to pay the full, non-refundable amount upfront.

To book fill out the form on my website specifying it is the shitsters sale. Or contact Lady Scarlett via email: