Dominant DNA Dungeon Party Day 27th January

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2023 is going to be an epic year for femdom. Not least because the party of the year is right at the beginning, so start it with a bang quite literally!

Dominant DNA has been doing dungeon parties for almost a decade now and after a hiatus is back to rock your world in the most outrageous way. To celebrate the new year and the return a set of 3 intense and immersive dungeon parties has been organised for Friday 27th January.

Who will be in attendance?

The ladies in attendance will be Lady Godiva, Sarah The Invader, Mistress Krush, Mistress Scarlet Graves and Myself.

What makes Dominant DNA party better than everyone else’s I hear you ask?

Well not only will 5 of the most skilled Dominatrix in the UK be hosting it there will also be:

– a femdom porn cinema/dark room to watch our clips and indulge in any independent play you may wish engage in

– we will have a filled glory hole for you to find relief from

– there will be a femdom/fem sub scene performance by Mistress Krush and her submissive Shy Darling.

Another original and unique thing about the parties is that there are TWO types of tickets.

 Player tickets for people wanting to engage in play with the ladies (list of the sorts of play available on the website along with ticket link).

Voyeur tickets are the other type which you can purchase, if you are new, inexperienced, shy or just like to watch then you can enjoy the party too and the cinema room, performance and glory hole are all available, quite the bargain really.

The parties are at: 11am-2pm, 3pm-6pm, 7pm-10pm

All within respectable hours so you can get home with no trouble.