Febuary Sale with Lady Scarlett

Breath Play & Forced Intox

Handing over the ultimate control to a pair of beautiful, dominant women knowing that they are going to stretch you to your limit. Your entire being hangs in the balance and these ladies are going to make you suffer to tip it in your favour.

We will have a Nice Or Nasty theme to the sessions. You can choose the Nasty session, where we will torture your nipples, cock and balls or whatever else we fancy as we slowly take your breath away and replacing it with whatever we see fit, when we see fit. You will take more than you thought possible and want to stay deep in the heady bosom of our control with only the ‘air’ we choose to give you.


You can choose the Nice session. In this session we will tease and edge you to the brink of madness, forcing you to ride to the heady heights of breathless pleasure tinged with the swirling vortex of intoxication at its apex. But don’t you worry your little head, we will always stay true to ourselves as right at the very end we will ruin it and force you to gobble up all that filthy cum of yours.


(+ Consumables means any perishable intox equipment)

  • 1 hour – £275 + consumables
  • 90 mins – £400 + consumables
  • 2 hours – £500 + consumables

Email: serveladyscarlett@gmail.com to book your special session.