Findom & Hardsports in Berlin 16-20th August

I will be in Berlin for a filth filled weekend of fucking, fetish and food and I want you to fund it!

I am available for cash point meets, drop off fuck off, and shopping trips to fetish shops.

I will frog march you to the cash point and relieve you of your money. Take everything and leave your with just enough to survive. Then I will lavish myself in good food and drink, never thinking about you even once. Or if you have a suitable budget I might let you take me shopping to the different fetish clothing and toy shops to buy me some new outfits and instruments of torture to play with. You can just shuffle along behind me carrying the bags like a good bitch.


Or if you are into scat/hardsports then I have a couple of mornings available to use you as my personal toilet. Perched over your face having my morning coffee and constitutional while you wait mouth open for whatever gift I bestow upon you.

Deposits are required for findom or scat. Book asap as I will be busy once there and might miss your messages.