Well it doesnt get any simpler does it? I will answer some of the questions I get asked regularly…

How do I book a session with you?

Booking is easy, whether it is online or real time you fill out the form on the respective page and I will respond.

Do I need to pay a deposit?


I take a non-refundable 50% deposit for ALL sessions, no matter how many times we have sessioned previously. 

If you are booking a double/forced bi session I will expect 100% of the tribute upfront as it is not just my time you are wasting if you cancel or do not show up. 

What if I want to discuss the session before booking?

If you feel you need to discuss the session in depth or are a little nervous and would like a conversation to ease your anxiety then you need to request a Session Consultation. This is a 10 minute call which you pay £10 for and the price is then deducted from the session if you book and pay your deposit within 7 days of the call.

Do you take newbies?

Absolutely. I love playing with people of all ages and experience levels. Just explain to me what you do and don’t have experience wise and we can go from there.

Do you take same day bookings?

As a general rule no, because I often have bookings in already. However if you find you have a free day and are absolutely desperate to session you can send me an application/text/whatsapp between 7-9am I may be able to squeeze you in. I will still require a deposit so make sure you stay close to your phone/email account to receive payment details.

Where do you session?

I usually session at a commercial dungeon or a private playspace. Both are close to stations and very easily accessible.

Can I be your toilet paper in a hardsports session?

No. I do not allow any form of intimate contact. 

Do you ever session naked?

No, never. 

Do you ever sell used personal items?

Yes. I sell lots of different items from used underwear and stockings to smelly socks, shoes and even sanitary products. I also sell nails, hair, saliva, snot and other bodily functions. Message me to discuss costs.